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Origin: Team Fortress

First Appearance: Team Fortress 2 (2007)

Voiced By: Nathan Vetterlein

Theme: A remix of his Theme.

Entrance: Scout enters, shows his muscles and prepares to battle.

Entrance Quotes:
1: "You knuckleheads ain't even worth the effort."
2: "I am the Scout here!"
3: "Yeah, come get some, you frickin' wuss!"
4: "Let's do this."
5: "Oh hey! You suck."

Special Quotes:
Against Mike Haggar: "Hey tough guy, you ain't gonna win."
Against Nova: "Yo, I'm not even wearing a helmet!"
Agaisnt All Females Characters (except Amaterasu): "Hey babe! I know you want me!"
Against Hawkeye: "Your suit really sucks!"
Against Spiderman: "I won't lose against a guy dressed as an insect!"
Against Heavy: "$400,000 to fire that gun, huh? Yeah, money well spent!"
Against Spy: "I'll kill you! ya shapeshiftin' rat!"

Special Quotes against Scout
Nova: "Yeah yeah yeah, just fight."
Hawkeye: "you're done talking yet, buddy?"
Spiderman: "Hmph,you're worse than me with the beats."
X-23: "Enjoy those looks while ya still got 'em."
Deadpool: "Hey Hey, The Scout is HERE!"

Hyper Combos:
1: Scout hits four times his opponent with the baseball bat and says:"Bonk Bonk Bonk Bonk"
2: Scout shoots first with his gun and then with his scattergun.
3: Scout lance and hits a ball with his bat and hitting his opponent's face.

Win animation: The Scout jogs in place, checking both his neck pulse and an imaginary watch and runs away.

Win Quotes:
1: "What have we learned? I always win!"
2: "Ya got anything smart ta say now?"
3: "If you order now, I'll throw in a second beatin', absolutely free."
4: "Oh what, you gonna cry? You gonna cry now?"
5: "Oh Yeah i did it!!"

Special Win Quotes:
Agaisnt Mike Haggar: "Stay down and don't get up, tough guy!
Agaisnt Nova: "What's the matter you freaking stupid?"
Agaisnt all Females Characters (except Amaterasu): "AHAHA c'mon c'mon, Kiss me kiss me!"
Agaisnt Hawkeye: "I can beat you every time you want!"
Agaisnt Deadpool: "Still think you're funny, funny-man?"
Agaisnt Spider-Man: "Is that all you got, Moron?"
Agaisnt Heavy: "I think I'll take Sasha out for a steak dinner tonight, Whad'ya think about that?"
Agaisnt Spy: "Hehey, look, you shapeshifted into a dead guy!"

Special Win Quotes Against Scout:
Nova: "What a waste of time."
Hawkeye: "You'll never beat me if you keep fooling around!"
Deadpool: "Maybe I should take your place in Team Fortress 2! He he!"
X-23: "Not so pretty no more, are ya?"
Spider-Man: "Next time, i won't go easy on you!"

Victory Text Quotes:
1: "Do you have any, any idea who i am?"
2: "Don't you ever cross me again!"
3: "BANG!I make it look easy!"
4: Ya' listenin'? OK. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha' I hurt people."

Special Victory text Quotes:
Mike Haggar: "Who's the tough guy now, huh, tough guy?"
Spider-Man: "A Super-Hero eh? Don't make me laugh!"
Hawkeye: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit ya... No, wait, yeah I did."
Deadpool: "Are you still laughing? eh?"
Heavy: "I am owning you, you fat, bald, fatty fat... fat fat!"
Spy: "Hard to stab a guy in the back when he's beatin' ya freakin' head in, huh?"
All Females Characters (Except Amaterasu): "Do you want to see me without my t-shirt?"

Call Partner: "Help me out!"
Assist end: "Woohoo!"
Switch-out-quote: "Oh what's up?"
Last Character Switch-out-quote: "Frickin' unbelievable."
Defeat Quote (by light Attack): "What the..."
Defeat Time-over: "This is a real frickin' embarrassment."
Taunt Animation: The Scout spreads his arms and makes a quick downward motion.
Taunt Quote: 1: "Hey, knucklehead, I'm talking ta you! Bonk"
             2: "Hey, is someone keeping track o' my heads batted in? Boink!"
The Scout is here!!

UMVC3: Heavy [link]

UMVC3: Spy [link]
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